White Collar 4×02 Most Wanted

All right, I admit, calling Neal naive was harsh, considering. He couldn’t know Collins had got to Dobbs first, or that Dobbs would sell out Neal to the US government just to keep himself out of the crosshairs (Dobbs being on the FBI’s Most Wanted-list and all). But still, you’d think Neal’d be a bit more careful, dealing wit someone he doesn’t know well. Dobbs is no Peter or Mozzie, after all. Either of those betray Neal, and I’ll eat my hat.

For a split second, I thought Mia was really, for serious, going to betray Neal for the money. But that vanished even before she and Neal shared the ‘Job well done’-smile. Of course her directing Collins to Dobbs’s party was part of the plan to get Dobbs out of the country.

And a nice plan it was, if you don’t count the trading places aspect of it. Get Dobbs to the States and to prison in exchange for Neal not going to prison and being reassigned to White Collar.

I had little doubt it was going to work, though I was hoping for a couple of more episodes of Neal running and Collins chasing, with Peter chasing the both of them. More Catch Me If You Can.
And they went to all that trouble to get the band back together, and then what happens? Peter gets reassigned, because his superiors feel he’s been getting too compromised working with Neal. Which is true. And makes me wonder how they are going to get Peter back.
And Mozzie. Who said he was going to travel, but I doubt that. He doesn’t strike me as the type to stray far from New York, not at the moment.


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