Some Rectifications

On this post. What I forgot in my righteous indignation: the newspaper article is talking about the Reboot-comics.

Thing is, in 2011 DC decided to reboot their universe, printing a whole bunch of First Issues, in order to make it easier for new readers to catch on and start reading. Which is a noble cause, I’ll admit. Some characters, like Superman and Batman, have been going on since the 1930’s, after all. That’s a lot of backstory.

So, Reboot-universe: Barbara Gordon never became Oracle. She still got shot by the Joker, but she recovered, and her new series is about her dealing with the healing and being Batgirl again, along with the usual stuff a superhero runs into. She does team up with the Birds.

How the Birds of Prey got started post-Reboot isn’t clear to me. Maybe the origin-issue, due to come out in September, will explain that.

However, none of this negates my original point, being that they are not related to Batman in any way, apart from Batgirl.


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