George R. R. Martin A Storm of Swords

So, Sansa and Petyr. Yeah…, squicked again, especially since I’ve seen this coming since Book 1, what with Petyr still obsessing over Catelyn after twenty years. It’s like Snape and Lily, without Snape’s redemption. Petyr is just… creepy. See what he did to Lysa. Who was somewhat mad, and oogy with her son, but really, throwing her out the Moondoor?

After three books, Sansa still rather believes in stories than just think. She doesn’t have the common sense God gave a concussed pigeon. Though with Arya and Sandor Clegane I more or less almost fell into the same trap (probably influenced by the end of Warbreaker, by Brandon Sanderson. With the difference being that the guy in that book wasn’t a murdering psycho.) The trap of ‘They don’t like each other, but they will stick together and have crazy adventures.’ Until you realise that Clegane is a murdering psycho who’s only got Arya because he’s trying to get money for her, and Arya is 10, and maybe somewhat mad herself.

I am somewhat interested in what exactly Beric Dondarrion’s deal is, what with all the resurrections, and what the hell Melisandre’s all about, with ther One True God and The Threat From The North.

Robb and Catelyn are dead. Well done, Martin. That’s two less characters I actually cared about. Well done. All right, Cat came back, given her body washed up near the outlaws Dondarrion’s the leader of. Though why she got resurrected I’m not sure of. It’s hard to tell apart who’s loyal to whom at times. You’d need flowcharts.

What’s happening to Rickon? I barely recall who he went off with, and since he and Bran split up, he’s fallen out of the story.


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