Leverage 5×03 The First Contact Job

Your alias is Will Riker, in an episode about alien life, directed by Jonathan Frakes? Yes, I am highly amused by this. I am so easy at times. It is in character though, since Hardison comes up with most of the aliases, and he is an über-geek. (See, e.g. the aliased in The Mile High Job. Tom Baker, Sylvester McCoy? I still wonder about Sarah Jane Baker, though, since that broke the actor-name mold. Furthermore, she was Sarah Jane Smith. Odd.)

There’s some nice overlap between this show and SStar Trek, in terms of actors. We’ve had Jeri Ryan in a recurring role, Will Wheaton, Brent Spiner, and Armin Zimmerman. Plus Frakes directing. I is rather happy.

So, how is Sophie’s theatre coming along?

I want more info on why Nate is lying to the rest of the team.

Parker and Hardison make the most adorable couple. Look, Parker acknowledges she has feelings, and is able to show them!


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