Dr Who 7×01 Asylum of the Daleks

New season, yay! It wasn’t a bad episode, but it wasn’t brilliant either. Shame, since this was written by Steven Moffat.

Part of that was that it wasn’t made explicit why the Doctor would help out the Daleks, though I think that’s a lot to do with rescuing Oswin. And the reason Amy and Rory almost got divorced was a bit… out of left field. There’s no indication in A Good Man Goes To War that I recall that Amy had become unable to bear children, and apparently Amy and Rory didn’t talk to each other after Rory stormed out of the house in Pond Life. Really?

Also, Rory, you deserved to get smacked after telling Amy that you loved her more than she loved you, you wanker. First, time and place: when you’re trying to persuade her to take the safety-bracelet. Secondly, your marriage is not a contest.

So, will the Doctor and Amy end up Daleks-in-human-suits?

I liked Oswin, sort of. Nice job deleting the Doctor from the Path Web, but what now? Now he has the enemies who don’t even know him. (Enemies who don’t want to kill him, because they think hatred is beautiful. Oh Doctor, why so shocked by this? We’ve seen The Last Dalek, we know already.

Oswin wasn’t bad, but I am left wondering how she’ll end up the new Companion.


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