Star Trek Into Darkness

Dad and I went to see it yesterday. It was awesome, I loved it. But, Khan dear, if you’re running to get away, or to, it wasn’t all that clear what he was planning to do after he’d crash-landed in San Francisco, why are you stopping to steal someone’s coat? Yes, the Dramatic Coat of Awesome makes you look very badass. Still, didn’t you have some place to get to, especially since, if I recall correctly, at that point Spock had seen you and was in hot pursuit, and you knew he had seen you?

How did Spock know Khan was going to go and be all Dalek, I mean, exterminate those who were inferior to him (which is basically the rest of the universe, let’s be honest. Maybe not the Borg, or the Q-Continuum. I’d rather not be caught in those crossfires). But how did he know? Spock-Prime didn’t tell him that, and there was no indication anyone on the Enterprise had searched the databanks for information on this guy.
Also, Spock-Prime, your being here, and the events of the first film have already altered everyone’s destiny. You’re in a parallel universe. You can tell by Khan not looking like the man you battled in your own past. Really, you can tell this Spock. It might help him.

‘KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!’ And not by Kirk, but by Spock, in an awesome moment. I loved the whole reversal of the end of The Wrath of Khan, I really did. It really rammed home how Kirk had grown into the kind of man who would make an excellent captain. For all that he is a pain in the arse at times, of course. But Kirk Prime was along the same lines, so what else is new?

Careful Spock, your human is showing ;). When he ordered the bridge-crew to evacuate, you could hear his voice crack. Also, I wonder if he does know sarcasm, and is just acting that he doesn’t. He can be very snarky, when the mood strikes him. “Are you giving me attitude?” “To which are you referring, Admiral? I am showing several.”

Oh Uhura, why so awesome? She needs more screentime, some time where she’s not just Spock’s girlfriend.

Tribbles, it had to be Tribbles. I know they were going to bring Kirk back to life in this film, because there was no Genesis like with Spock Prime. But Tribbles? I knew they were going to go this route when Kirk’s body had been brought into the Sickbay.

So they left Khan alive. What are they going to do with him and his crew? Just leave them in cryotubes until the end of time, or until the batteries run out? I know, this way they’ll be around for a sequel, and it’d be a shame to kill off one of the iconic villains this quickly. I still find myself wondering.

(And yes, I did recognise Noel Clarke in the beginning of the film. *sighs* I’d blame that on too much Dr Who, but that would be a lie. There’s no such thing as too much Dr Who.)

I enjoyed myself immensely. *gleeful* And that was partly because Benedict Cumberbatch was not a half bad villain. *might as well admit it, is a fangirl*


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