Agnes, one of the cats that used to come here for food, has been adopted by our neighbour. She didn’t want the cat to keep wandering about after last week’s storm, and so has taken her in. Agnes seems to be settling in. She doesn’t want to use the litter-box though. For that she still goes outside, but once she’s done, she comes back inside.
Last evening, a couple of kids from the next block and their mother came over to our door, asking after Agnes. They hadn’t seen her in a while, and the kids especially were worried about her. And since they knew she hangs around here a lot, they thought to ask us if we know where she was and how she was doing. Kind of cute.


I was so blessed yesterday. I was going to sit down, and I got honoured by not one but both cats who wanted to sit in my lap! Truly, a momentous occurrence! And they managed to share, at that. That’s even more miraculous. They eventually both left because they wanted to eat or sleep some place else, but still, they stayed there a long time.


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