Random thoughts on Wheel of Time

Spoilery up to Book 4, The Shadow Rising

List of characters I don’t think are complete idiots in Wheel of Time:

– Perrin Aybara. Aww, I just want to hug him and tell him everything is going to be all right, but I think Faile might have something to say about that. With one of her knives.
– Matrim Cauthon. For all that he says one thing (that he’s only out for himself) and then still goes and does the right thing (being a Big Damn Hero, or at least a decent human being.)
– Elayne Trakand. Yes, she does moon over Rand quite a bit, but she’s eighteen. People that age are somewhat stupid. She’s still smart, and resourceful, and if she manages to become full Aes Sedai and ascend to the throne of Andor, people won’t know what hit them.
– Min. Because she’s Min, and she doesn’t hesitate to break Siuan Sanche out of a Tar Valon-cell.
– Siuan Sanche. For all her scheming regarding the Dragon Reborn, she’s still decent. And she doesn’t deserve what Elaida Sedai did to her. But then, the Green and Blue Ajah didn’t deserve what happened to them in the aftermath. Come on, Elaida, there’s already so few Aes Sedai, you can’t afford to have Ajahs wiped out. Winter is coming, woman! You need all the help you can get.
– Aviendha, former Maiden of the Spear, now Wise One in training. I guess she’s seen she’s going to become Rand’s third wife, and she doesn’t like the prospect much. Besides, Elayne, who is almost her first-sister, has dibs, or that’s how Aviendha seems to see it, hence her hammering the point when talking to Rand. It seems she’s trying to convince herself of this as much as she’s trying to convince him of this.

Keeping a close eye on Egeanin. She seems to have overcome some of her people’s prejudices against marath’ damane, but I don’t know. She’s Seanchan, and I wonder if she has aspirations to rise to the Blood, because in that case, her new sympathies won’t help her. Hmn, I just checked, and it doesn’t appear to be the case. She just wants to get back to her ship. But even so. It can be hard to go against your upbringing. She still thinks this part of the world will be happier when brought under Seanchan-control. Yeah, I don’t think so either.

Not feeling all that sorry for Jaichim Carridin. he mainly brought this all on himself. He was the one who turned to the Lord of Darkness. I feel more for his family who are being killed to make sure he does what he is supposed to. He’s willing to give up his sister to Liandrin, for crying out loud. Whos is also someone I wouldn’t mind being dropped down a deep hole. She scares the shit out of me, the way she looks at the world and sees nothing but obstacles to what she wants to achieve. I am not that clear on what she wants to achieve. Absolute power, I think, or as absolute as you can get while serving Ba’alzamon. To replace the Forsaken, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Then there’s Rand. Rand, how are you going to keep people, and by people I mean Moiraine, because for all her faults she is a perceptive woman, from finding out you’ve got one of the Forsaken travelling around with you, so he can teach you how to channel? She’s not that stupid, and she will notice. Have you gone mad? Well, you will soon anyway, being a male channeller and everything, but still. Lanfear sort of agreed with you, Rand. Lanfear! You know, the woman who’s prepared to burn down the world as long as it means that you will get back with her.

I can’t wait to be able to read Book 5.


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