Dr Who S8x01 Deep Breath

Peter Capaldi did a pretty good job portraying a doctor who still had to find his feet after having regenerated under some pretty fucking weird conditions.

OMG! Madame Vastra! Jenny! I don’t care what the episode is about any longer, just seeing those two is enough. I am somewhat of a fangirl about those two. I love the Holmes-references they’ve got going for them. If Holmes and Watson were married, and women, and one of them had been on Earth since the dawn of time. Makes you wonder why she married someone who would never live as long as she would.
The scene where Jenny was posing and Vastra was plotting the crimes instead of painting and it almost ending in a domestic…, I prefer to think that Vastra did set out to paint her wife, but got distracted, because otherwise it would just be that she likes seeing her wife pose like that, which I suppose I can live with, but she could have told Jenny if that had been the case.

I wonder if the Doctor will ever regain the memory of the girl in the fireplace. He didn’t even after finding the identifiers of the ship that was buried under London. He just went ‘I should know this, but I can’t get to where I need to go. Ah well, better luck next time.’ And he did manage to figure out what the hell was going on, so there’s that.

I liked the parallels drawn between Vastra, the dinosaur, and the Doctor, about needing to be seen for who they were. It did make me glad that Clara managed that in the end, after her protestations that she didn’t know who he was any more. What I liked less was that the Doctor more or less pressured her into that. Really, you call her right before you’re going to die? That’s a low blow, and I don’t like it. I hope that this will be the last of that.

Who’s the Doctor’s girlfriend? I don’t think she is, though he could have met her when he had been travelling alone, but I do think that River would get jealous, and she has a gun, so…. And the girlfriend saved the cyborg for reasons unknown. That she called him mean I can see. He does have his periods that he doesn’t seem to care too much about the lives of others. See the happenings in the Time War, and when Rose had been kidnapped by the Daleks back in Nine’s season. He was willing to kill them all. He didn’t, in the end, but he was planning to. Though, does that count as mean, or just trauma? Given that we’re talking about a man who’s the sole survivor of a huge war, and he had not been that long out of it when he ran into Rose. That was the implication anyway. I don’t know if I am right about this.


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