Dr Who S8x03, Robot of Sherwood

the Doctor made a fool* of himself, and why did he need Robin to spell it out to him that Clara considered him to be her hero? The only way she could have made it clearer was if she had thrown him a party ‘To the Greatest Hero Ever, Last of the Time Lords!’ It wasn’t that hard to figure out. it seems that this Doctor has some self-esteem issues almost. He is almost, well, I wouldn’t want to say modest, because I don’t think he could ever be that no matter how he felt about himself. He might not be a hero, but he’s still the smartest man with the biggest ego in the room, and he’s not shy about letting people know that.
The guard taking her out of the cell because she was obviously the ringleader was nice, if a bit a predictable. Robin and the Doctor were sniping at each other so hard it’s a miracle they managed to work together long enough to get out of the cell.
No trace of the Doctor’s ‘girlfriend’ saving someone in this one. Not that many people died in this one, just the sheriff, and he made some mention of being a cyborg.

On the whole, if Robin had been a robot made by the aliens to give the peasantry someone to believe in, it would have made some sort of sense. To what degree do stories line up that neatly to the people they’ve been based on? Especially if the person in question lived over 900 years ago. it was all too pat. Sure, we had the joke that John Little was actually, you know, little, but that was about it. It was all too neat. Marian, the prince being incompetent, the archery-contest. I am no historian, and I don’t know how much information we have from that period, but you’d think it would have become more distorted over the years, especially since we’re kind of fond of the legend Robin Hood and what he stood for, and he’s been used and changed a lot over the years. So the aliens creating a person based on the stories that have sprung up about the guy over the centuries does make sense. Of course, the sheriff asking why they would create that kind of trouble for themselves is also valid.

On the whole Capaldi’s Doctor is starting to grow on me. He’s somewhat gruff and abrupt, and seems to have some kind of memory-problems, and there’s the question of why he regenerated this old when the previous three incarnations have been fairly young men. Well, as young as you can be for someone who’s now 2,000 years old, of course. Though I have to say that I haven’t disliked any of the Doctors since the reboot, so there’s that. True, I’ve had issues with the way episodes have been written, or how Companions have been handled, but I still like watching the series, and that’s what counts.

*So what else is new?


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