Dr Who S8x04, Listen

The Doctor, the Oldest Teenager in the TARDIS. I swear, at times Clara is more his keeper and caretaker than she is a Companion. It seems Capaldi needs that even more than the previous ones. Of course he’s an idiot. We’ve never claimed otherwise. It’s just that it seems he’s a bigger idiot than previously.

I do wonder how Clara is going to break this news to Danny. And she is going to. I mean, how else would you explain Orson’s remarks that time-travelling runs in the family? It seems Clara interpreted that as her and Danny getting together, but it could just be that Danny started doing the dame thing that she is. I do think they make an adorable couple, once they both actually think about what they’re going to say, but it’s too early to say if it’s really going to go anywhere. I think for one thing Clara would need to curb her hero-worship of the Doctor.

So, if the monster under the bed turned out to be Clara (because why not, she’s travelled along his timeline enough that I can accept this instance as well), then what was hiding under Wee!Danny’s bedspread in the home? We never got a good look at it. I get that that was the whole point. it had more to do with building up the tension, but in the end the episode fell a bit flat for me. Either make it a horror-story, or some sort of exploration on the nature of fear and how the Doctor uses that to do the things he does.


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