Dr Who S8x05, Time Heist

I like a good heist-show, as evidenced by my having watched all seasons of Leverage, and in that this episode did not quite disappoint. Although I do have to wonder about things, but those mainly have to do with time-travel stuff, and frankly, for the sake of my sanity I tend to shove that into the big ball of timey-wimey wibbly wobbly stuff. But still, how did he manage to plant all the equipment they used during the caper without getting dead? I still don’t get that.
I didn’t figure out who the Architect was before the Doctor did, mainly because I had more or less forgotten about him. It was only when the Doctor went on about him hating the guy who had supposedly hired this crew that it clicked. It should have clicked sooner, when the Doctor said that the person who had planned it would have to be a time-traveller. Ah well, them’s the breaks after all.


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