Dr Who 08×06, The Caretaker

Yeah well, the reason the Doctor doesn’t like soldiers is because he thinks they keep their brains in their weapons.
The episode was less slap-sticky than I was expecting it to be, what with Clara running around dividing her time between the Doctor and Danny, though it was still a bit much in some ways. The Skovox Blitzer was almost an afterthought. ‘Oh hey, look, a rampaging robot out to kill everything it meets. Welp, back to the drama of Clara trying to manage wildly differing parts of her life! Isn’t it funny watching her try and fail?’
Not that she shouldn’t have told either of them about the other. At some point the strain would have got to her, and then where would she be? That the Doctor thought she was dating Adrian was a bit too in your face. “Well, I did tell her I wasn’t her boyfriend when I was in my previous incarnation, and she did say she never thought of me that way, but of course if she was going to date it would be some knock-off how I used to look.” There’s arrogance and then there’s plain stupidity.
That’s my main problem with this incarnation, as much as I like Capaldi as the current Doctor. It feels like he’s lost a large part of his knowledge about humans – an obscure branch of knowledge, but full of surprises – during his last regeneration. He just seems wilfully obtuse about Clara’s behaviour, and it drives me up the wall.


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