Dr Who thoughts

I still haven’t watched the Dr Who I taped last week (I was out Saturday-evening). On the whole, I am not that enamoured with the stories. They’re missing something, but I can’t put my finger on what, exactly, and that bugs me.
I’ve been a fan since the reboot. Sure, I knew about the franchise way before that – it’s hard for a geek to escape all references to this show, especially in the anglophilier sections of the Internet – but I hadn’t seen any of it, apart from the Paul McCann-film. And I honestly can’t see that, the being a fan, changing any time soon. But if the stories don’t get better in that indefinable way, it’s going to become very hard to watch.
There’s little joy left. You’ve got this madman with a box traipsing across the universe, occasionally picking up strays for the company, and that should be good, shouldn’t it? There should be some form of joy in that, and it doesn’t seem to be there at the moment.

Take Sleepy Hollow. This is a show about Ichabod Crane, who through magic got transported from the American War of Independence got preserved all the way to the 21st century, only to wake up when his enemy, the Headless Horseman (who’s also the Horseman of Death) wakes up to ready the world for the Apocalypse and gather the other Horsemen. He teams up with Abby Mills, a police-officer in the town of Sleepy Hollow, who at first doesn’t have time for any of this, but who does go along with the whole thing, once she gets convinced it’s all true.
I like this show. It hasn’t managed to scare me, and it’s rather goofy in places, but it’s fun. The friendship between Crane and Abby is cute, they like spending time together, and Crane is adorkable when he rages either about bad history or something he doesn’t like in the modern times. Like the height of sales-taxes. “That’s what we fought the war for in the first place!”
This show seems to take itself seriously, and knows when to have fun with its characters, and that’s what I like. I am not in love with the overarching ploy, and that’s mainly because I don’t like the whole ‘Demons are planning the end of the world according to what’s written in one of the wackiest books of the Bible’, so I could have done without that, but that’s about it. I like the characters, and how the show seems to regard itself.

And that’s something I miss in Dr Who. There’s little joy, little fun it seems to have at its own expense, and even the self-depreciating jokes it has fall flat. It’s just…, boring. it’s a show about a madman with a box flying all over the universe, and it’s boring. That’s just wrong on so many levels.


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