Dr Who 08×07, Kill the Moon & Dr Who 08×08, Mummy on the Orient-Express

Watched the two Dr Who-episodes back-to-back, more or less, yesterday. Started with the most recent, and then last week’s. Yeah, I can kind of see Clara’s point about the Doctor. It was kind of a dickish move on his part, to just leave them to it like that ‘because he had faith she would do the right thing’. That is as may be, but to just leave them? If they hadn’t made the decision to let the Moon-baby live, would he have left them there to die? And was he lying about this being a grey area? Or did he know exactly what was going to happen, and was he just curious to see if they would figure it out?
I did like that we never got that good a look at the Moon-baby. It wasn’t that important to the story. Well, it was, in that it was the reason we’d end up without a moon, but there wasn’t any concious action on its part that necessitated for it to play a part in the episode. Besides, there’s always the question of it being sentient enough to be able to voice any kind of opinion beyond ‘Don’t want to die!’
also, there was something funky going with the chronology. If the story took place in 2049, then how could the astronaut’s granny have posted things on Tumblr? She was in her forties, or thereabout. That means she’d be born around now. That’s not to say her granny couldn’t have used Tumblr if she had been so inclined, but it’s not something to be recalled akin to ‘Rotary-phones, my granny used those’ in an age where everyone has phones implanted in their heads or something.

And then he made her lie to Maisie. Talk about pissing someone off. Yeah, it’s nice that you’re willing to sacrifice yourself, but could you be less of an arsehole about it? She was already going to leave, you don’t need to roll out the red carpet for her to walk out on.
Still trying to work out how that phone-call with Danny translated into him being all right with her knocking about the universe with the Doctor. It’s good that he’s all right with it, though I do wonder if he’s ever going to join them. He wouldn’t be the first partner to come with. Rose never liked it much when Mickey did, and Amy would not do without her boys or her spaceship, so it’d be interesting to see how Clara reacted to Danny being aboard with them. Besides, she could use the support.


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