There’s a foreign object in my body

At one point, when I  was in pain because of my back crapping out on me, I had forgotten to start taking the pill after the stop-week. That didn’t sit quite right with me, because that’s not why I take it. So I decided to use another form of birth-control. And settled on getting an IUD. This was placed this morning.  Some TMI to come.

I can’t say that it was the best doctor’s visit I’ve ever made. The most painless, let’s say that. Some of the things she had to do in order to insert said IUD made sweat break out, and I also realised very very clearly just how many nerve endings there are in the pubic region.

Inserting the speculum was all right, if not comfortable. Swabbing with iodine, somewhat weird feeling. Inserting whatever it was to manipulate the cervical mouth and clamp it in place? Excruciating.

But it was over before I knew it, though in the act it still took too long, really. And the doctor was considerate and told me what she was going to do before she did it.


3 thoughts on “There’s a foreign object in my body

  1. I hear ya, sis. Hope the IUD works out for you, I ended up getting it removed a year later due to my periods lasting a full 2 weeks when I had it. That got old FAST.

    1. Two weeks? Eurgh. No wonder you had it removed. So far, mine is behaving itself. But then, it’s not even been a full week.

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