About bloody time

And it’s not that the delivery was so late that’s bugging me (though I am not happy about that either, I have to say. I mean, six weeks? When on the site it was promised that it would be a next-day delivery? I get that the need was greater than the supply, but still.) It’s that after the first email to tell me that it would be later I didn’t hear anything from them. I had to chase them up myself to get some information out of them. 

But let’s back up a little. KoopjeDeal is a site where you can buy things which are offered for a limited time, for a discounted price. Even so, they’ve got some items that keep coming back. Like Fruit of the Loom-shirts. 12 of them for like 25% of the RRP. Cool, I needed some new shirts, and Fruit is supposed to be a good brand, so I order some. This was on July 10th. And wait, and wait. Then I get the mail the next week to tell me that my order is going to be delivered later than expected. All right, fine. I wait, and wait. Still nothing. I get in touch with customer-service, two weeks after I had placed my order. They’d be delivered the end of that week. Yeah, no. I contact customer service again, the next week, three weeks after the initial order. Yes, they’d be there later that week. Yeah, no, again. I contacted them two weeks again, this time by phone instead of the chat-function on the site, because I wanted to yell at someone. (Note: I didn’t yell at anyone, nor was I planning to, because the person on the other end of the line is customer service and they usually don’t have any influence over the whole thing so what’s the use of making them feel like crap?) Turns out that my order was so late in arriving because a shitload of people had ordered the shirts and they had to backorder them from the manufacturers or wherever it is KoopjeDeal gets their stuff from. But they would be delivered at the end of the week. That was last week. I didn’t call them this week, because I didn’t have any fucks to give. But lo, they came through at last. And I was mollified. They’re not bad shirts.

Still, it would have been nice if they were more on top of keeping their customers informed.


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