Commander FUNK*

Yesterday I ended up feeling funky, and not in the good ‘Talk Like I am Actually from the 70’s’-kind of way. Which I am not sure would be good if I ended up like that, because I am too young to be from that time, and I think I’d end up sounding like I was on That 70’s Show, which I don’t really watch all that much, so I’d fuck it up royally. 

Back to the feeling funky. Not the best time to feel more than just out of sorts, given that I was at work and had to be social and stuff. Which is hard when you feel achy all over and also, more or less, like you don’t have any emotions. Which, yeah, is how I ended up. Feeling somewhat detached from the world around me, and like my head was full of cottonwool. And floating. And things that were right in front of me were both there and rather too far away to bother with. Though not to the degree that I left my bag somewhere.

It was still scary, now that I look back on it. How quickly you can go from “I am a person in the world” to “I wonder if I would feel it if I touched my face”. (Answer: yes, I felt it, but it didn’t really register with me.)

I could blame it on being tired, which to be honest I was, to a degree, having slept somewhat crappy the night before.

Indeed, I feel much better now, so that could have been the cause of the whole thing. So the obvious answer would be for me to get more sleep. Or better sleep. Because too much sleep will kill you, apparently. Know what else will kill you? Living. Everyone who has ever died has lived before their deaths. It’s like a 100% correlation. You do the maths.

*And if you don’t get this, then you’ve never listened to Hadron Gospel Hour


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