It’s difficult to diagnose in adult women

My therapist wants me to get tested conclusively for autism.
I’ve had some diagnostic tests when Altrecht’s waiting-list finally came around to me, but this was an aspect that the tests didn’t test well. And my therapist, seeing some things in me that could be symptoms of autism, wants to be 100% sure on whether I am on the spectrum or not. And it does run in the family, after all.

I don’t have any problems with this. I do need to readjust my image of people with autism, because I keep getting stuck on people like Rain Man, or the Idiot Savant-type. The ones so locked in their inner world who have one great talent, those ones. And I know that that is not the only way autism manifests, but it’s about the only type you see in popular media.

I’ve had an appointment with the autism-team of Altrecht already. That was more of a preliminary conversation, and she gave me a questionnaire for Dad to fill out, with questions about my childhood.

This afternoon will be more on my development. Autism in adult women is hard to diagnose. I’m not sure why.


3 thoughts on “It’s difficult to diagnose in adult women

  1. This is an inspirational post. I can understand your point and I can relate to it. I am following your blog so I can read more.

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