Supernatural, the road so far

Yeah, spoilery for the first 5 seasons, so if you haven’t seen them, as I know sis hasn’t, then don’t read. 

Basically, everyone is an idiot. Which is not a new opinion on my part, because I think that of a lot of characters (cf. my opinion on most of the characters in A Song of Ice and Fire, and Wheel of Time (apart from Faile. She’s awesome, and I will set your sock-drawer on fire if you disagree)).

Sorry, I got distracted. Supernatural, right. It’s about the two brothers Dean and Sam Winchester, who go around America killing monsters. Because things that go ‘Bump’ in the night are real, and mostly out to eat you. Their mother died in a  house-fire when Sam was still a baby, and as it turns out this was the work of a demon, who was going around ‘gifting’ babies with demon-blood in order to give them special powers so that would help him open the gates of Hell. Sam is one of those babies.

Heaven is also interested in the boys. They’ve been bred to be the perfect vessels for heavenly beings. Dean for Michael, and Sam for Lucifer (since he’s a fallen angel and all). Lucifer has been trapped in Hell, and both angels and demons want to him to go free. God has gone walkabout, or just in general fucked off someplace, and the angels are getting bored and just want to do Armageddon. In the end, Lucifer does get free, manages to possess Sam, and at the end of S5 Sam!Lucifer and Michael! Nate (Dean and Sam’s half brother they never knew about) get thrown into Lucifer’s old prison in Hell.

Dean, because Sam made him promise he’d try and have something of a normal life and not to try and get Sam back (which is something that Dean would not have been able to do, but if he had tried he would have torn the world asunder. The degree those two depend on one another is not quite healthy. Tapeworms aren’t as clingy), goes back to an old flame of his, and seemed to be settling in with her and her son.

So, what I’ve taken away from this show:

  • I’m a Dean-girl. The man is eaten up with low self-esteem, even though he hides it under bluster, one-liners and a good amount of snark.
  • Angels are dicks. Maybe not Castiel, who came down from Heaven because he had been told to watch over the Winchesters, and he was the one who pulled Dean out of Hell, because he was needed to be Michael’s vessel. He seems lately to have discovered the amazingness of free will.
  • God doesn’t seem to care about His creation.
  • Bobby Singer would have been a better father for the boys than John Winchester. The man was something of a dick, and way too obsessed with finding out who/what killed his wife to care about his sons.

All right, and now off to watch S6.

I was going to start watching this evening. And now I find that I am getting cold feet. Am I sure I want to do this to myself? I mean, Dean is happy! Well, sort of. About as happy as he can be, that is. Am I sure I want to disrupt that?
This is rather meta. And besides the point: the writers have done that already. They disrupted his happiness, by pulling Sam out of Hell and shoving him into Dean’s face. I wonder how they’re going to get Dean back into hunting, and I have a sinking feeling it’s going to be by killing off Lisa and Ben. I’d be more surprised if they lived to seem him leave than anything else at this point. They’re good at killing off people, after all.

*still somewhat bitter about the Harvelles, and Bela Talbot* Man, I liked Bela. Yes, she was an opportunistic bitch, but that’s what I liked about her! Just because she was a woman doesn’t mean she has to have morals. I mean, woman had her own life to live. And part of that was doing what Lilith wanted her to do if she wanted the hellhounds off her back. Gotta admire someone who’s got their priorities straight. But no, she failed in that, and the hounds dragged her to Hell, and that’s the last we ever see of her. I don’t think Dean has ever seen her there. Not that he should have, because I imagine Hell to be a large place, but still. I would have liked for her to have had a better ending.

And let’s not talk about the Harvelles. Better the way they went out than thinking that they got blown up when the Roadhouse got bombed (but Ash is still dead! In Heaven, but dead), but I would have liked to have seen more of them. With Jo being the sister Dean never had, though. I didn’t like that she admitted that she wouldn’t have minded sleeping with him. I liked seeing a woman of his age who wasn’t interested in him like that. Good way for him to rethink the way he acted around women, but no, we can’t have that, apparently.


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