SPN 6×05-6×07

The road so far. Well, Dad is watching along with me. I think. He’s not watching it as intently as I am, because it’s not his kind of show, but he will eventually come and join me. I have no idea what he thinks about the whole thing. 

In the meantime, we’ve found out who brought back the two Sams. It’s king of smarmy ratbastards, former punkass crossroads-demon/now King of Hell, Crowley, as played by Mark Sheppard. Which makes me all conflicted, because I want to hate him because demon, and on the other hand I like him because of the actor, who is so good at playing smarmy ratbastards, as anyone who has seen more than one season of Leverage can testify to, where he played Nate’s archenemy Sterling. I’d listen to that guy read the phonebook.

Which does make me wonder. Castiel said that they (the angels) didn’t know of anyone powerful enough to break Sam out of the cage, and yet it appears that Crowley now has that kind of mojo. You don’t keep track of your enemies’ power levels like that? Seems poor planning.

And we have the reason why Sam is acting so weird (like allowing a vampire to turn Dean so they could gather intel from the nest): he was brought back minus his soul. That’s still in the Cage, along with Michael and Lucifer. It’s nigh impossible to get it out. As Castiel said, it took several angels to get Dean out of Hell, and that was easy compared to the Cage.

Crowley wants to know where Purgatory is, where all the monsters go when they die. They don’t go to Hell, apparently. But really, Purgatory? That’s where you go when you’ve not been bad enough to go to Hell, but not good enough to go straight to Heaven. You go to Purgatory to get cleaned up before you get into Heaven. So why would the monsters go there? Is there a chance they could get into Heaven?


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