SPN, 6×08-6×10

The road so far. 

Lisa and Ben are still alive. I am honestly surprised by this. Happy, but surprised. I would have expected them to have been killed by something. I just don’t think they will live to see the end of the season. I sure hope so.
Things between her and Dean started getting really rocky when he had been turned into a vampire, and had refused to tell her why he was acting so damn weird and had shoved Ben, and she broke up with him later. Because this life, the life as the significant other of a hunter is not for her.

Sam has reached the point where he’s not sure that he wants his soul back, because he works so much better this way. He doesn’t need to sleep, he doesn’t care about innocent people who might get in the way. He’s like the Terminator, or RoboSam. In no way is this going to come back to bite him in the arse. But for now, he seems to be going his own way, having split off from Dean, because Dean would like his brother to get his soul back, even though there’s a good chance that it might not be in the best of states, having been locked in the Cage with a pissed-off Archangel and a Father of Demons, neither of whom are all that pleased with Sam right now.

And yeah, Sam, splitting off from Dean is the best thing you could have done. It’s not like this could turn out badly for you like the time you left him so you could run around with Ruby, drinking demon-blood and having her manipulate you so that you would break the final seal and break out Lucifer… Oh, wait. Congratulations, you’re a dumbass, and you have learned nothing.

In the meantime, we’ve learned that: fairies are real; Robert Picardo is a leprechaun; if you’re a skin walker who turns into a dog in order to get close to a family so that you can turn them when the time comes but instead develop feelings for them, then the best thing to say when you see them after they’ve found out that you’ve been lying to them (and using your dog-form to leer at the woman when she’s in the shower) might be to apologise instead of going ‘You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. You made me feel like I belonged somewhere.’ which might be true, but would not be the best thing to lead with; monsters have an Alpha, the first of their kind who sired them, but where the Alpha comes from is still unknown; Alphas know where Purgatory is but won’t tell, even under torture; Meg is still alive and kicking, and pissed off about Crowley’s role in banishing Lucifer; and the King of the Smarmy Ratbastards Hell is dead, and didn’t actually have the ability to restore Sam’s soul to him.


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