SPN, 6×11-6×19

The road so far. Why in the name of sweet baby Jesus did Castiel make a deal with Crowley? Has he gone completely insane? Well, maybe he has. It’s hard to tell with angels, after all. I would have called Zachary or Uriel batshit insane, and I don’t think they would have agreed with me. It’s just that, Castiel, the only heart Crowley ever had has long since rotted out of his chest. I don’t know what exactly the deal was you made with him, but you can be sure you’re going to get screwed one way or the other.

And also, SPN, I didn’t like you bringing back Ellen like that. I mean, I love seeing her, but in this sort of alternate timeline-universe, where the Titanic never sank? I saw her walk into Bobby’s kitchen, and I was thinking that I had forgotten something from the previous seasons. Which is not inconceivable, given that I have called Sam and Dean’s half-brother Nate instead of Adam.
With Gwen and Samuel dead, I don’t think there’s any more (blood-)family left for the boys. And since Dean walked out on Ben and Lisa again (yes, I know that she broke up with him, but he did come back when Ben called him asking for help, even though he had lied about that to try and get them back together), even after Ben told him they were his family, I don’t think they’re going to have anyone else but each other. Well, they have Bobby, true. And the only way to get rid of him is by killing him, and then you’d have to make damn sure that he doesn’t come back as a ghost or something. He would, if only to yell at the boys for being knuckleheads.

Are we going to do more with the Great Wall of Sam? It’s all well and good Death built a wall in Sam’s head, so that he wouldn’t remember what had happened to him in Hell, which could drive him round the bend, but since Unforgiven, we’ve not heard much about it. Is he still trying to get around it, find out what he’s done in the past year and a half? Or are we saving that for S7? I am cool with either, though I think stuffing this into the final three episodes might be a bit much. We still have to deal with Castiel making deals with demons and trying to win a war in Heaven. It’s disconcerting, seeing Castiel being able to lie. Or being sarcastic. I didn’t even know he had enough command of the subtleties of human language to be able to do that. I don’t like it. I want the Castiel who watches porn and be completely befuddled by it, not the Castiel who kills his lieutenant and then lies to Bobby about her having been corrupted by Raphael. She wasn’t, and you know it. She was disturbed by what she has heard around, and confronted you about it. That’s not the same thing. My guess it has something to do with Purgatory. Souls are energy, and you can do a lot with them if you have access to them. On that point, I do believe Eve, the Mother of All. She might have been a monster herself, who thought about the same of humans as angels and demons do, but she was right about that.

Dean, stop insulting the angel. He is there to help you, and he considers you his friend. It’s not nice of you to call him names and use him as a walking band-aid. For crying out loud, an angel is not a cleric! And you will make him rethink his whole devotion to you. This is not a good thing, given how much you rely on Castiel to be there for you.

Only about three more episodes to go. I don’t think that my heart can take the tension.


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