SPN, some pre-S6finale thoughts

Just some musings I had, still having three episodes left to go in S6.

I want Gabriel to show up and call Castiel a bag of dicks. I mean, he can call Lucifer that, and he was as much a brother as Castiel is. And Castiel is being a bag of dicks. I know this won’t happen, given that Gabriel died last season, but a girl can still dream, can’t she?

I want Castiel to regain what common sense he had. It’s never been much, by human standards, but he used to be a lot more decent. And less likely to kill the people who followed him.

I want Ellen and Jo back. Mainly Ellen, so she can tell everyone they’re being idiots.

I want somebody to gank Crowley for real.

If human souls are little nuclear reactors, and that’s why both angels and demons place so much value in them, then why do humans have them? It seems to me that we’re not doing all that much with them, in the grand scheme of things. It’s like walking around with a high-end camera and only once or twice taking pictures. What does it benefit humans?


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