Argh, computers!

I’ve been collecting my photos, both those printed out and the ones I have in digital form, to sift through and see which ones I want to stick in an album. There’s a lot of the digital ones I only have on my external hard-drive, which, no problem, I can hook up to this computer. Sure, I can only copy stuff, given that the hard-drive is configured for Windows, and the current laptop is a Macbook. But it’s worked before.

So, I hooked it up. And then I discovered that the folders were empty. The rest of the files on the drive were still there. Just not the photos. I about hit the roof, but I managed to restrain myself and not defenestrate anything technological. And it turns out, once I kept digging, that I put the photos inside a folder inside a folder inside a folder. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know either. The point is that I have them. I am missing one or two, but that’s only because I’ve never had them in the first place.

I copied them all to this computer. At least I won’t have to use the hard-drive again.

(I am well aware that I need one with FATS32, in order to back up the Mac. It’s on the list.)


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