SPN, 6×19-6×22

The road so far. I’ve got S7 from the library. Haven’t started it yet, but am going to do so this evening (if I can stay awake long enough. Long day). 

Castiel has screwed over the boys, Crowley, most of the angels who followed him, Balthazar, and Raphael,basically all dead monsters, and is now God. Hell, hand basket. Though with him at the helm, I think Hell might be the better place to be.

Hmn, how crazy is he going to get with all those souls inside of him? It’s not going to be pretty, I can tell you that. He’s an Angel of the Lord, one who has grown to love humans when before he more or less regarded them the same way his brothers and sisters did, and now full of things that would love to get out and destroy the humans God is so fond of. I don’t think He’d be pleased if He ever bothered to come back.

And he killed Balthazar! Yeah, it was because he’d turned double agent. Like Gabriel, I think Balthazar was rather fond of Earth, if not of humans, and he would have hated what Castiel was going to do to the place. Also, Castiel had teamed up with the King of Smarmy Ratbastards Hell, so yeah.
But man, did Castiel really have to do this? We lost Gabriel, we lost Balthazar, we lost Bela Talbot. We lost most of the characters who would go up to the protagonists and ask them what the hell they were doing, you giant bag of dicks?

Lisa and Ben came back. I was not surprised by that, given that they had not died as I had expected. I mean, from a story-telling point, having them die would have been a way to get Dean back into the life again. Not that I wanted them to die. I liked them, and I liked who Dean was when he was with them. Crowley kidnapped them as leverage over Dean, but he saved them anyway. And then he asked Castiel to wipe their memories of him. *coughs* YOU COMPLETE AND UTTER FUCK! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? Don’t bother to answer. We know what you were thinking. If they didn’t know about you, they couldn’t be used as leverage again. And you didn’t like what you had Ben do while getting Lisa out of their prison, or looking at Ben while both of you know that you had stabbed Lisa fatally to make sure that the demon possessing her would fuck off. BUT YOU COULD HAVE TALKED TO THEM BEFOREHAND, NOT MADE THE DECISION FOR THEM. You chucklefuck.


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