I got the results from the test back

it’s definitely breast cancer* autism. So yeah,  I am officially a person with autism. I don’t know how to feel about that. Mainly acceptance at the moment, and I think some peace, because a) now we know for sure, and b) it does explain things. Like the getting exhausted by being around other people, which I had chalked up to being an introvert. Which I guess I still am, maybe? Can those two things even exist together, or is what I had attributed to being introverted due to to the autism? So many questions, really.

*Sorry. This quote from The Room just wouldn’t leave me alone for the past couple of days.


2 thoughts on “I got the results from the test back

  1. Sometimes having an answer can be daunting, but it can be the beginning of fighting the real issue. I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder last year (PANIC!!! THAT’S ONLY FOR “REALLY CRAZY” PEOPLE, RIGHT????), but it turned out that I was kind of an idiot about mental illness, including my own, and it led me down a path that has gone to a much more stable life. Maybe your diagnosis, though obviously much different than mine, can help explain parts of your life and help to to function more effectively.

    1. The diagnosis has put things into perspective for me, yes. I can look at things about me and go ‘Hmn, that can be explained by the autism’. So in that case, as for you, it is helping me.

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