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Another benefit of cleaning, apart from having less things to worry about: I am now wearing my earrings more often. I can get to them a lot easier now.


Wow, nostalgia

I ran into an old photo of myself the other day, made about 26 years ago. I was 10, and posing with the treats I was handing out in class (Ice cream, for those interested. Comes with being a late spring-baby).

And I felt this wave of nostalgia? sorrow? Mainly the latter, I guess. Purple shirt over green/yellow/red trousers depicting I seem to recall a rainforest. A fashion-sense I seem to have lost over the years. And that’s sad. Life comes with change, I know, but still. I don’t dress the way I did 25 years ago, and in a sense that’s a loss.

About bloody time

And it’s not that the delivery was so late that’s bugging me (though I am not happy about that either, I have to say. I mean, six weeks? When on the site it was promised that it would be a next-day delivery? I get that the need was greater than the supply, but still.) It’s that after the first email to tell me that it would be later I didn’t hear anything from them. I had to chase them up myself to get some information out of them.  Continue reading About bloody time

This is kind of sad, really

I’ve used a laundrette for the first time ever, today.

30 years, and I’ve never used a laundrette before. How sad is that?

It was also raining, but what with how hot it’s been the past weeks, that’s not surprising, really. We had a major thunderstorm this Saturday.


Also, I haven’t seen our stragglers for the past couple of days. I’m worried.