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SPN, 6×19-6×22

The road so far. I’ve got S7 from the library. Haven’t started it yet, but am going to do so this evening (if I can stay awake long enough. Long day).  Continue reading SPN, 6×19-6×22


Argh, computers!

I’ve been collecting my photos, both those printed out and the ones I have in digital form, to sift through and see which ones I want to stick in an album. There’s a lot of the digital ones I only have on my external hard-drive, which, no problem, I can hook up to this computer. Sure, I can only copy stuff, given that the hard-drive is configured for Windows, and the current laptop is a Macbook. But it’s worked before.

So, I hooked it up. And then I discovered that the folders were empty. The rest of the files on the drive were still there. Just not the photos. I about hit the roof, but I managed to restrain myself and not defenestrate anything technological. And it turns out, once I kept digging, that I put the photos inside a folder inside a folder inside a folder. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know either. The point is that I have them. I am missing one or two, but that’s only because I’ve never had them in the first place.

I copied them all to this computer. At least I won’t have to use the hard-drive again.

(I am well aware that I need one with FATS32, in order to back up the Mac. It’s on the list.)


Everybody who knows me, knows that I keep a journal. I have since I was 10 or so. Really mundane stuff, of course, the kind of thing you write about when you’re 10. What you did at school, your bike being stolen, who you invited to your birthday-party, that kind of thing. In rather unwieldy handwriting. It can be rather charming to reread.

As are the ones I kept during high school, when my handwriting deteriorated sharply. I can hardly make out what I was trying to say at times. One line is capable of holding more than three words, I want to tell my younger self. She just doesn’t seem to listen. That does sound a lot like me at that age.

I still keep one. I don’t hold with the notion that this is something that only young people do. (Is that even a notion, or just something that I told myself was true? Because I wouldn’t be surprised at that, that I talked myself into something that isn’t true.) My handwriting has got better over the years, some.

6 Months In, And Things Are Still Good

I said the other day that I was doing this Bullet-journal-thing. And that it was working for me. I am still doing it, and it’s become something of a second brain for me. I don’t just use it to keep track of what I mean/have to do, but also random extras (like quoted prices for repairs. Or which bus I need to take to get somewhere, that kind of thing). It’s really helped me to stay somewhat organised in life.