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SPN, 6×19-6×22

The road so far. I’ve got S7 from the library. Haven’t started it yet, but am going to do so this evening (if I can stay awake long enough. Long day).  Continue reading SPN, 6×19-6×22


Currently watching

  • Person of Interest. I am not enamoured with the plot-device of The Machine. I just don’t like the whole ‘The government is watching you all the damned time!’ It’s too real, maybe, in a way. But the show works even when you ignore how Reese and Finch get the info on what people to help, and I like Carter. Like, a lot. She should have been the main character, instead of Reese and His Pain, Because Woe He Was A Killer For The CIA. But Jim Caviezel is easy on the eyes.
  • Elementary. Yeah, mainly because of Lucy Liu. She makes a terrific Watson. Not that I mind Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes. He does a good job of it.
  • Death in Paradise. Which is a British police-series set in the Caribbean, where the local police-force got reinforced by someone from England. Yeah, it does have a high ‘White man shows how he can solve murder better than the natives’-level. The first, played by Ben Miller, made up for that by being a complete and total tightass. The second, played by Kris Marshall, makes up for that by being somewhat of a human disaster. It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s a good way to spend an hour and not have to think too much, and the scenery is nice. Plus, it has Danny John-Jules.