Another benefit of cleaning, apart from having less things to worry about: I am now wearing my earrings more often. I can get to them a lot easier now.


Time to show off my crafts

I need to sew up a bear’s crotch.

A stuffed toy bear, that is. The seam in its crotch has gone (well, it’s over 30 years old, that is to be expected) and the stuffing is about to fall out.


I am about done with my room. Still have stuff in the next room that I want to sort through, but the main room is done. I even shifted the bed closer to the window, moved the stuff I had stored under it, vacuumed the newly uncovered bits, and now have floor-space. I am feeling accomplished. And tired.

And I have Thoughts on the SPN-finale, but they need to percolate a bit more.

Argh, computers!

I’ve been collecting my photos, both those printed out and the ones I have in digital form, to sift through and see which ones I want to stick in an album. There’s a lot of the digital ones I only have on my external hard-drive, which, no problem, I can hook up to this computer. Sure, I can only copy stuff, given that the hard-drive is configured for Windows, and the current laptop is a Macbook. But it’s worked before.

So, I hooked it up. And then I discovered that the folders were empty. The rest of the files on the drive were still there. Just not the photos. I about hit the roof, but I managed to restrain myself and not defenestrate anything technological. And it turns out, once I kept digging, that I put the photos inside a folder inside a folder inside a folder. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know either. The point is that I have them. I am missing one or two, but that’s only because I’ve never had them in the first place.

I copied them all to this computer. At least I won’t have to use the hard-drive again.

(I am well aware that I need one with FATS32, in order to back up the Mac. It’s on the list.)


This is the song that never ends. It just goes on and on my friend!

In other words, I am still not done. Almost done with my room, and planning on moving the bed closer to the window once I’ve cleared the stuff I’ve got there. But I am progressing, and better than I thought I would when I started. I am feeling very accomplished, even though I am not done yet.


Every once in a while I get a hair up my arse about cleaning up, and clearing out, my stuff. It’s too warm to do much about it at the moment (or at least that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it), but I am planning to sift through my books again, and then pass on to my other things. Because why not? You could argue that books should be kept (Lord knows that I am one of those people), but if I haven’t read it in years, then I am not going to bother to.

I might also have been inspired some by Marie Kondo. Maybe not, since it’s not since reading her book that I’ve had the current hair. Her book has just given me something more of a boost in getting a move on.