About Me

I’m just your normal book-loving woman living in the exact centre of Holland (or so we like to pretend), engaged to a British man, and working my arse off in a mix of shifts.

I’m a member of the local Lutheran church. Yes, I take my faith seriously. No, that doesn’t mean I can’t laugh at it.

I read comics, mainly Image.

Other interests include (urban) fantasy, and cheesy action-flicks. I volunteer at the local animal-shelter, and take care of the cats. If they let me do my damn job, that is.

This blog is my place. Yes, there will be a swearing. No, I will not curb my language. This is my place.

I suffer from depression and/or very low self-esteem. Team Dean for life, yo! Lately I’ve started talking about it with people who are not my therapist. And I never told her about Dean. I don’t know if she has ever watched Supernatural.


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