Shattered Star-session the first

Published November 3, 2015 by bookdragonette

My group this past Friday started a new campaign, hosted by yours truly. The previous DM and his wife (also a member of the group) just had a child, so a lot of his time and energy is going towards their new daughter.
To say I was nervous about DM-ing would be a bit of an understatement. When it comes to the rules, I am not the most well-versed person around. But I can tell a story, and the rules will sort themselves out. Besides, there’s more than enough people who do know what they are about.

System used is Pathfinder, also known as D&D 3.75. It’s a modification of D&D 3.5, and preferred by our group above D&D. It streamlines things somewhat. Setting used is the Pathfinder-world Golarion. We’re playing The Shattered Star-adventurepath, but haven’t got very far yet.

Adulting, the film

Published November 2, 2015 by bookdragonette

I just filled in tax-forms to get money back from the government. I always feel like I’ve fucked up, and I’ll be therefor be visited by inspectors wanting their money back, plus ridiculous interest-rates. I know, that’s all in my head, but I am always very nervous when dealing with the government.

And I activated my governmental digital inbox. The IRS is going to phase out their blue envelops, and is going to send their mail electronically. I feel so accomplished.

Books read in December

Published January 1, 2015 by bookdragonette

133. The Yard – Alex Grecian
134. Hawkeye, vol. 3: L.A. Woman – Matt Fraction*
135. Sense and Sensibility – Jane Austen

It’s not that much this month. December was a busy month at work, so I did not have much brainpower left over for reading.


Published December 11, 2014 by bookdragonette

Ik zag Cecilia komen
op een zomernacht
twee oren om te horen
twee ogen om te zien
twee handen om te grijpen
en verre vingers tien
Ik zag Cecilia komen
op een zomernacht
aan haar rechterhand is Hansje
aan haar linkerhand is Grietje
Hansje heeft een rozekransje
Grietje een vergeet-mij-nietje
de menseëter heeft ze niet gegeten
ik heb ze niet vergeten
ei ei ik en gij
de ezel speelt schalmei
voor Hansje en voor Grietje
Hansje met zijn rozekransje
Grietje met haar vergeet-mij-nietje
zijn langs de sterren gegaan
Venus is van koper
de andere zijn goedkoper
de andere zijn van blik
en van safraan
is Janneke-maan
Twee oren om te horen
twee ogen om te zien
Twee handen in het lege
en verre vingers tien

Paul van Ostaijen


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